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The new study programme at the Faculty of Mass Media 25.07.2012

Starting with the new academic year (2012/2013), the Faculty of Mass Media begins offering a new master's programme in Political Communication

NBS supports the students of the Faculty of Mass Media 10.11.2011

The National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) and the Faculty of Mass Media of Pan-European University (FM PEU) have announced a contest for the best short educational film about the mission and tasks of NBS, which is to be addressed to the young people of 15-19 years of age.

Housing Anywhere project 08.11.2011

PEU has recently become involved in the „Housing Anywhere“ project, which provides accommodation for students leaving for Erasmus exchange, or the ones coming to our University.

Information days of AIESEC at the Faculty of Mass Media of PEU 19.09.2011

AIESEC – exchange theory for practice
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