Brno, Czech

The Faculty of  Law

Speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Law PEU  prof. JUDr. Jaroslav Ivor, DrSc.


About Faculty

Historically, the Faculty of Law has become the first faculty of Pan-European University - during its first year of existence (2004/2005), PEU consisted of only one department. The main objective of the Faculty is to provide a standard legal education, as well as to offer advanced accredited courses and programmes.

The Faculty offers high-quality academic programmes and prepares professionals for employment in traditional legal areas (judges, prosecutors, notaries, lawyers, executors), work in the public sector and government and other legal professions available within the European Union. The educational programmes allow students to get a universal and comprehensive legal education, with emphasis on international and European law.

The Faculty of Law has successfully developed cooperation with foreign universities; apart from domestic professors and practitioners, the students are taught by professionals from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.


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