Doctoral level

Study programme:

Theory and history of state and law
Criminal law
International law
Civil law

Study field:

3.4.2 Theory and history of state and law
(Teória a dejiny štátu a práva)
3.4.7 Criminal law (Trestné právo)
3.4.8 International law (Medzinárodné právo)
3.4.11 Civil law (Občianske právo)

Level of studies:

III. – doctoral

Form of studies:


Standard duration of studies:

Full-time – 3 academic years
Part-time – 5 academic years

Amount of required credits:


Granted title:

„philosophiae doctor“ (PhD.)

The graduate of the doctoral program is capable of performing legal research. He or she is familiar with research methods and research orientation on various legal issues. The graduate is ready to solve theoretical interdisciplinary problems. Further, the graduate is ready to contribute to the development of specific areas of law nationwide, also internationally, and to apply gained knowledge and skills in practice, with consideration of alternative resolutions. The doctoral programme graduate can also perform as a university teacher.

3rd level studies (doctoral)
- researcher
- university teacher



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