Masters level

Study programme:

Law (Právo)

Study field:

3.4.1. Law (Právo)

Level of studies:

II. – master’s

Form of studies:


Standard duration of studies:

2 academic years

Amount of required credits:


Granted title:

Magister (Mgr.)

The aim of the master’s programme is to prepare professionals who can perform challenging work in public and private institutions, can work as an assistants in the legal field (advocacy, notary, etc.). The graduates have a good overview of the history and theory of law, legislation, can analyze and process procedural and substantive problems of legal practice, control procedures for the provision of legal advice. They can find their application in e.g. central state administration bodies, the Parliament and Government Office of Slovakia.

2nd level of studies (master’s)
- lawyer
- executor
- notary clerk
- specialist in public administration



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